The purpose of Crossroads library is to enable anyone who is interested to access information relating to a Christian worldview and provide materials to increase biblical understanding . We provide resources that encourage and enable readers to investigate the validity of the Christian faith, to develop and grow in their spiritual journey, to interact with one another utilizing faith-based principles. 

The library is a non-profit organization which was incorporated as a Czech Society for Public Welfare (Obecní prospešná spolecnost - o.p.s.)  While we partner with various organizations and churches, it is not affiliated with any particular educational or religious institution. We are open to persons of all faiths or none. 

The library currently has over 8,000 English and Czech books and DVDs. Additions to both the the English and Czech collections are made as funding become available.

Future Plans

As God leads, future plans call for the addition of approximately 500 volumes each year with the capacity for the current location being approximately 8000 resources.


  • Children's books
  • Newly published Czech books
  • Additional DVDs

Check out Collection for a complete listing.

Also see the Special Activities page for upcoming events being held at the library.

Future plans call for:

  • Development of an e-library
  • Additional children's programs


Contact us

Prague Christian Library
Balbínova 10
120 00 Praha 2

(420) 602 750 610

Library administrators:
Jim and Laurie Barnes

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